How to Convert Flash SWF Files to HTML5

Mostly websites have announced to support HTML5. This article will tell you how to convert the Flash to HTML5 with ease.

SWF to HTML5 Converter allows you to convert the Flash SWF animations, games and video files to H.264 for HTML5 for Safari、Chrome、Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer with best quality and fast speed.

Note: This SWF to HTML5 Converting tool has two version, named as SWF Converter for Mac and SWF Video Converter, which allows you to convert SWF to HTML5 on Mac and Windows.

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Note: Swiffy is a free SWF to HTML5 Converter that developed by Google and can only support converting a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0.convert SWF files to HTML5, but SWF to HTML5 Converter supports all kinds of SWF files.

Guides to Convert SWF to HTML5 H.264

Step one: Free Download SWF to HTML5 converter software, install and run it.
Step two: click the profile drop-down list to choose the output formats as h.264.
Step three: click next, then click start to begin converting SWF files to HTML 5.
SWF to HTML5 Converter

HTML5 Supported Video Codec, including:
1: Ogg Theora open standards is a patent issues that free of charge. Support: Firefox 3.5, the Chrome 4, Opera 10.5.
2: VP8 to (WebM) is acquired by Google, and as an open source release, the format of the free (but still patent). Support: Firefox 4.0, the Chrome 6.0, Opera, 10.6.

3: H.264 is a popular format to use hardware acceleration provided by the graphics chips for desktop and device support. Mostly newer video and mobile devices in the market default recording format; but the format is patented, although non-commercial use is still free, but it is very complex, and is also more expensive. Support: IE, Safari 3.1 and Chrome (currently).

10.3MB $99.99 Get Windows Version

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