How to Reduce SWF Files Size on Mac?

SWF Compressor for Mac is one of the best compression software to compress flash swf files to reduce the small size without quality loss on Mac os x(10.5-10.8 Mountain Lion).

With SWF Compressor Mac, you can successfully compress images, shapes, sounds, videos, and fonts of all kinds of SWF file to reduce its size by up to 70% with the advanced flash optimization algorithms and detailed flash compression settings on Mac.

Mac SWF Compressor allows you to apply preset SWF compression settings or modify every SWF compression setting as you need. Additional, you can save your own settings as a new profile for use in the future. Free to try SWF Compressor for Mac OS X.
SWF Compressor for Mac

SWF Compressor for Mac OS X Key Features
1: Supports All Kinds of Flash SWF Files
SWF Compressor for Mac supports Flash SWF files (Flash banners, Flash slideshows, Flash animations, Flash games, Flash movies and Flash projector EXE files, etc.)from CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5 and Action Script 2.0/3.0 etc on Mac.

2: Batch SWF Compression on Mac
Compress SWF files in batch by importing multiple flash swf files. Just select the compression settings once and all the SWF files will be compressed to the perfect size.

3: Reduce SWF Size up to 70%
With the advanced optimization algorithms your SWF files can be compressed up to 70%, thus saving considerable amount of space, traffic and loading time on Mac.

4: Select from Preset Settings
Choose from 5 accurate preset SWF compression settings directly: Best, Good, Basic, Medium, and Sprite.

5: Customize Personal Settings on Mac
You can modify every SWF compression parameter such as image, shape, sound, video and font for your particular
SWF file or your specific needs.

6: Save Flash optimization settings
Save your SWF compression settings as new profiles, it will be extremely easy and fast to compress your SWF files in the future.

Download (8.42MB) Buynow $99.95
Note: 100% clean, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
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